Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Stuck in the middle with you

Look, I have long supported both Hillary AND Bernie. In a perfect world, I prefer Bernie. In a perfect world, neither Hillary or Bernie would be the Democratic Party's candidate. In a perfect world, I think Martin O'Malley a far better, likeable candidate than both Clinton and Sanders and one with a lot less baggage...

But the voters seem to want drama. The media does, that is for certain.

Both Clinton and Sanders have their strengths and they both have their own particular crosses to bear.

Likewise, who could have predicted someone as asinine as Donald Trump would be the GOP's candidate?

I have said from word 'go' that Sen. Sanders' stance more closely mirror my beliefs. BUT I have also said, whoever get the Democrats' nomination I will wholeheartedly support. Thus far, the voters have tilted toward Mrs. Clinton which leads to tomorrow.

By all reports, Mrs. Clinton is about to lock up her party's nomination. I am guessing that many of Bernie Sanders' supporters subscribe to Common Core math. Catch my drift?

If the race is over tomorrow, it will be time for both camps to kiss and make up. I admire Sanders' supporters enthusiastic zeal. I also admire their energy.

From the start, Senator Sander and former Sec.of State Clinton have repeatedly said that they both are better, more qualified candidates than any being offered from the Republicans, ESPECIALLY Donald Trump.

The Democrat's campaign started off remarkably sensible, but in the past two months, it has turned into senseless bickering, name calling, baiting, etc. I have to ask, why have the two candidates turned to using GOP tactics?

We are better than that.

What I am saying is this: we have two excellent candidates. In the coming days, it will be important to see how those two interact with one another. Will they mend fences or continue bickering?

In the end, how they treat each other is going set the tone for our party and how we fight a Donald Trump, a candidate we know is going to run a campaign dirtier than any in recent memory.

The Democrats can beat Donald Trump. Heck, he's doing a pretty good job of it himself, but if the Democrats want to win, we must unite and start acting like adults again.

I had a conversation with a good friend last week, someone whose opinion I deeply respect. He is a Bernie supporter and feels the Clintons and the DNC are taking younger voters for granted.

I can appreciate that even if I do not totally agree. I also believe this race is more than just about the Presidency. It is as much about the Supreme Court. 

Right now, we have an evenly divided Supreme Court. Either President Obama OR the next President is going to make the call for which way the courts lean in the foreseeable future.

As a gay man, I am quite fearful the courts could tilt back to the right. A lot of hard fought court battles have been won since President Obama took office. 

For many Democrats, we are wondering where Sanders' supporters are going to lead us if he is not the Democrats' nominee. I've heard the claims "if Sanders loses, I am not voting."

Great. I hope you enjoy a Trump presidency.

I certainly can appreciate Sanders' supporters' ethics and principles but those principles will mean absolutely nothing if they "play" Ralph Nader come November.

It is time for us to come together. As a friend of mine said earlier tonight, if Mrs. Clinton clinches the nomination, this is the time for Senator Sanders to play the role of elder statesman AND work hard to help craft the Democrats' platform. 

He has certainly earned that right. He has and can still make a difference. If he plays his cards right, he can truly help start a revolution--one that can make we Democrats proud.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee

Many many years ago, I was sitting in the Cincinnati International Airport for a layover while on a Navy trip. I sat there reading a book, I glanced up as I became aware someone was standing right in front of me. 

Standing there was none other than Muhammad Ali. He waved at me, I stood up and we shook hands. 

Some little kids came running up to him and he then performed a few simple magic tricks for them. He delighted us all.

He didn't say a word. Didn't need to. I was moved by his friendliness and grace. I've never forgotten this simple moment locked in time. 

There won't be another like him. Rest in  peace, Mr. Ali.