Saturday, June 20, 2009

You want inspirational?

When I was searching for photos that could inspire, initially I was searching for a quadriplegic runner. Then I found this one and was touched by its subject-matter. It wasn't until after I had decided to use it that I really paid attention to the details. At first, I thought it sweet that a little girl would run with this man, her daddy perhaps? BUT the details finally sunk in and then I caught it... if you want inspiration, this photo is it... 'nuff said?

About the photographer: Andy Hooper was born in Dorset in 1963. He studied at Salisbury Art College where he gained a Higher Diploma in Photography. Winner of the prestigious Royal Photographer of the Year, Andy is a multi-award winning photographer. He is based in Surrey with his wife and three young children.


  1. That is the cat from South Africa. And man, it has to be an inspiration for everyone, but ESPECIALLY that little girl.

    She knows for sure that she can do anything her wee little hearts grows up to aspire to.