Monday, December 17, 2012

Innocence lost? Innocence recaptured?

If nothing changes, our schools will become less a school and more like maximum security facilities. 

Our precious children will feel less like a student and more like a prisoner. 

Our educators may feel less like a teacher and more like a prison guard.

I would bet that in many of our schools the air of innocence has changed today.... feeling invisible? Perhaps, but felt? Most definitely.

Yes, we must protect our greatest and most precious of assets, but must we be forced to go such extremes? Must parents worry about their children's safety in the place we used to view almost as a holy ground?

The innocence of books, and of coloring and drawing, of running and playing during recess and in gym classes, of lessons and learning is slowly being strangled by fear.

It used to be a kiss and hug, and "I love you, have fun at school today" would suffice.

What the hell has happened to us?

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