Tuesday, April 16, 2013


This is me talking. I have no insight, no knowledge of who perpetrated the act of terror on the Boston Marathon yesterday. For some reason, and again this just me talking, but this just does not feel like a terror attack from a foreign entity. call it a gut reaction, but this feels like a domestic endeavor. This feels like some idiot the likes of Timothy McVeigh.

From what we know at this time, three people, three innocent victims, died from the twin bombs. eight-year old Martin Richards was killed after greeting his father who had just crossed the finish line of the race. His mother and sister were injured by the blast. Krystal Marie Campbell was also killed. The last victim, 
Lu Lingzi, was a Boston College grad student from China. 

8-year old Martin Richard was killed by the blast. His mother and sister were injured.

Krystle Marie Campbell, 29,was killed by the blast at the Boston Marathon.

Nearly 200 bystanders were injured, some critically. Reports from the scene indicate some victims suffered traumatic amputations from the blast.

There were a great many acts of courage and conviction in the aftermath. I read that many of the marathon runners, in the aftermath, rushed to local hospitals to donate blood. The police and other local officials acted quickly and courageously to ensure no one else was hurt or killed. Emergency health care workers and hospital workers alike mobilized quickly to provide to care for those who were wounded by the blasts.

In times like these, it heartwarming to me to know that we, as a people rise up to face such adversity with compassion and love for our fellow citizens.

I am not going to say anything more about this for now. Not wanting to jump to conclusions, I want to wait for the facts. I have little doubt our government will find the person(s) behind this act of hate and callousness. Like you, I am saddened by the loss of life and the injuries and I am angry.

Boston, please know we stand in support of you!

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