Monday, March 14, 2016

Bernie and Hillary

I am seeing a disturbing phenomenon occurring among we Democrats that is really leaving me disappointed in my fellow Democrats. Tonight and over the course of the past few weeks, I have seen some of the most vile comments in print made about Mrs. Clinton--and they're not coming from the Republicans. Oh sure, the Republicans are too, but those are to be expected. However, the ones from within my own party are troubling.

I have been pretty clear I am not stating a preference on which candidate for whom I intend to vote for in May. I also will not take sides NOR will I publicly make ugly statements about either candidate. I will not be a party to providing ammunition to the GOP come November.

If the two candidates make remarks about the other, that is between them and also to be expected. I have wonderful expectations of both and will be proud to vote for the party's candidate come November.

For the followers of both, I think it is great when we can find a candidate for which we can admire and campaign, but I would like to think we can do that by building up our candidates without tearing down the other.

I have noted that in the past few days when I have made comments about Mrs. Clinton, friends of mine who are Bernie supporters have swooped in en masse with remark after remark as if to convince me what an awful person Mrs. Clinton is. All I can say to that is, knock it off.

When it comes time for me to pull the proverbial lever in May (and November), I will make up my own mind, thank you.

Here's the thing, both Hillary and Bernie have baggage that can give the GOP a perfect opportunity to take the White House. To ignore that truth can invite disaster--and in spite of that, both are infinitely better candidates than any that the GOP have offered up.

That is my opinion and good luck to any who think they can alter that viewpoint.

Until then, I would like to think the members of my party would quit acting like Republicans. We'd sure better... there is too much at stake come November--and beyond.

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