Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Ding dong, the bitch is dead... the wicked bitch, the mean old bitch

So, I hear Phyllis Schlafly is dead. Good. Few women could lead me to use the c-word (no, not Coulter but close), but Schlafly could. I always wanted to wipe that smug, sanctimonious smile from her haggard face. The woman was pure evil and I would happily dance on her grave.

As you may have surmised, I do not like her Mrs. Schlafly. Not one bit. The world will be a better place without her (and her ilk).

Ever since women achieved the right to vote, a movement was afoot to see the Equal Rights Amendment become the law of the land. In the late 1970s and early 80s, the ERA was on track for passage until Schlafly scared the bejeebus out of the American public and a spineless Congress.

Today, women who bemoan that the working place treats their gender unfairly can thank Schlafly for her tireless efforts and fearmongering.

She argued the ERA would lead to unisex bathrooms and forcing women to join the military. Really, where do these idiots come up with this stuff? She argued that the ERA's passage would lead to same-sex marriages.

(the horror)

Schlafly, not content with destroying women's chances at equal rights in marriage, family and in the workplace, set her sights on arguing against gay rights, never mind that her own son John was gay.

When her son publicly came out in 1992, Schlafly denounced the press saying they were manipulating and using her son's "truth" to embarrass her. Good. Way to go, wench.... make your son's story all about you. AND...

Any parent who can so publicly work to make even their own child's life difficult deserves any humiliation that can be hoisted against them.

So, the woman who argued against women working in the job market claiming it would destroy the mores of the American traditional family, DID work outside the home--on the road from city to city, state but state. Her campaigns made the lives of millions of women more difficult. 

The woman who called homosexuals Godless were also responsible for the destruction of the American family, in turn, led a nasty campaign that surely caused her own son a great deal of pain and suffering.

Needless to say, she will not be receiving, let alone be nominated for any mother of the year awards--or humanitarian, either.

Few people have caused so much pain for so many as Schlafly. She was a 1950s throwback. A hypocrite. A fearful person who made it her mission in life for us all to live in a past best forgotten. Rather than making for a better tomorrow for future generations, she chose bigotry, fear and ignorance.

Personally, if there is a hell I know she will make great company for the likes of Anita Bryant (not yet deceased) and Rev. Fred Phelps. 

And yes, I know it is not nice to spit on someone' grave but I can think of few persons more deserving.

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  1. ...I feel you... people of a certain age (like myself) can certainly understand your contempt for her... the female equivalent to Bull Connor in regard to the damage and symbolism she represented to the Womens' Movement...