Monday, October 10, 2016

Debate number two, King Donald showed up minus any clothes

Tonight was the second debate between Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump. Everyone who was watching was in suspense as to which Donald would show up for the night. A vengeful one? Contrite? Boastful?

Well, the answer came within seconds. Donald was on the attack from the word go, and it wasn't pretty. He was Donald at his worst. Interrupting, bombastic, lies, boasts, threats and nary an apology for his comments about... well, um, well, about pussy. He opened by saying he has apologized to his family and that the words he used "are not him." But what about us Americans?


Like Mrs. Clinton said, "Oh yes it is, Donald. Those words are you." Mrs. Clinton pointed out if this incident were just a one-time event, we could accept his contrition, but, again, as she pointed out this was but one more string of hateful words he has used.

Anyone who has decided who are they are going to vote for in 28 days probably saw nothing tonight to change their vote. 

Undecided voters, I suspect, are leaning more towards Mrs. Clinton in light of events unveiled on Friday and based on Donald's threats tonight. Yes, threats. Donald has seriously confused the role of a President. His threats to throw Mrs. Clinton in jail are more the rants of a dictator, and less of those of a president. 

But I want to address another subject. 

I keep hearing comments, "I don't like her."

So what? You don' have to. It is sad if you think running for President is merely a likability contest.

I realize charm and charisma is important when considering the recipient of your vote. BUT skill, knowledge, temperament, the ability to work with others, trust, experience all should play a far more important role in choosing a president. Mrs. Clinton has these qualities in spades.

I will, however, grant Mrs. Clinton has a number of shortcomings, but I am still waiting for someone to show me Donald possesses any of the things that would make him a good president. 

Hillary is not Bill... nor does she need to be. Personally, I think she has the abilities to run rings around Bill when it comes to being President. Yes, Bill.

You may not like Hillary, but her qualifications far outweigh her negatives. Sometimes you have to weigh the plusses and negatives and come to a conclusion that you, the voter, will have to live with.

I can be critical of Mrs. Clinton too. Sometimes she just cannot answer a question with forthright candor. Her response regarding her private versus public opinion was lame beyond words. At times, I think Hillary does not know how to answer succinctly without offering too much information. Sometimes, a simple 'yes' or 'no' will suffice.

Donald's performance tonight showed me nothing that would indicate he has any of the above-mentioned qualities that would qualify him to be the leader of this country. If you do, please enlighten me.

When Hillary wasn't having to respond to Donald's lies about her tonight, she did a pretty credible job presenting her vision for our future. Given the format of tonight's debates and the time constraints, neither candidate could devote much time to really address the issues.

Given more time, Hillary could have said more, offered more. Given more time, Donald would still have squandered his (when he wasn't complaining that the moderators were treating him unfairly) blathering on and on about himself and repeating more of his delusions about the Clintons and the failings of our country.

Problem is, Donald doesn't believe a word of what he says and he's hoping you do. Hillary, in contrast, may not believe everything she says, but she has the skills to affect a change for the better.

Look at the competing messages. Donald is running on the belief that America's days are waning. Hillary's, in contrast, are of hope and working together to make things even better.

You may not like Mrs. Clinton, but you don't have to. What you do have to do is this: your vote should go to the candidate who can do the most good for the most people. 

In the end, it is your conscience you have to wrestle with.

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  1. ... I agree with you ... Sec. Clinton is the most qualified person to run for this office in my lifetime... and that is but one of the reasons that I am with her..!