Sunday, November 3, 2019

Your vote counts

Tomorrow (by noon) is the end of early voting here in St. Joseph County and Election Day is Tuesday. I urge, no, I beg you to get out and vote!

I have not missed voting in an election since 1976, I even voted long distance from Afghanistan in the 2008 election. I used to view presidential elections as the only ones that really count, but I have come to view that as an incredibly misguided notion, and I think we Democrats are slowly wising up to that idea as well.

Through the past few decades, the Republican Party has made inroads taking over small towns and school boards across this nation. Think about this, a recent poll said people who call themselves Republicans view public education with growing disdain. Republicans call colleges a 'breeding ground for liberalism,' and a threat to traditional American values.

But I digress. In St. Joseph County, and many other locales here in Indiana, battleground elections for a number of mayoral and community will be decided.

I have been a voting poll worker since 2010, and I have noted one fact that deeply disturbs me. Election turnout is pitiful. In our primary election earlier this year, not even 30% of the eligible voters could be bothered to show up.

One of my coworkers at Barnes & Noble told me a few weeks back she has not voted since Bush v. Kerry in the 2004 election. First off, my jaw was fractured when it hit the floor. After I pushed her for a why, she said, "I don't care. They're all the same." At that point, I banged my head against the wall. If anyone truly thinks the Democrats and the Republicans are just alike, they are clearly NOT paying attention. And if one accepts that thought, it is clear the Democrats are not getting their message out.

I feel a great deal is riding on this election, and doubly so next year! I think it imperative that as many people show up this Tuesday and again, especially next year. If you think the two parties are exactly alike, you must educate yourself. Look for some non-partisan websites discussing where the two parties stand.

As a St. Joseph County voting judge, I cannot steer you in one political party's direction or the other, and I surely need not say one word on which party I believe has the average Joe's best interests to heart.

So... instead of telling you who to vote for, I merely say get out there and VOTE!

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