Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Where is the outrage?

Where is the outrage? What in the hell is wrong with the GOP? 

Imagine if you will this scenario: Madame President Clinton knocks out executive order after executive order that clearly benefit the rich. 

Pretend Madame President invited the Russians into the Oval Office and forbade the American press from being present, BUT invites the Russian press instead (because you know, "that mean bad fake press has been mean to me"). 

AND imagine if Madame President invited the Russians for tea, cookies AND states' classified secrets? Sorry, no launch codes today, maybe the next time. Raincheck?

Now tell me, what do you think would be turtleneck O'Connell's reaction? WWPRD (What would Paul Ryan do)? 

You can bet your ass they'd be building the gallows and firing up the legal writers drafting up documents for impeachment. Hell, they probably had a version drafted the day President Obama took office... and for a President Hillary Clinton, all they would have to do is change the names and dates.

And what about GOP supporters who all voted for "anybody but Hillary (like my family members)?"

They'd be hanging Hillary in effigy. Right?

So again I ask, where's the outrage?


  1. I hope the tide is beginning to turn.

  2. Me too, Beth. And I think you right.