Saturday, November 19, 2016

I got mine

Funny thing, a good deal of the Americans who elected the Donald did so with the thought and the hopes that as an outsider, he will bring about a new attitude in Washington. You were promised change. Be that it as it may, you can bet your salary that that is not what we are going to get.

You wanted an outsider? Yet the House of Representatives and the Senate was anything but a change. The changes we are in for are far from what the middle class wanted nor deserve. What we will see when the new Congress convenes is more of the same.

With the Republicans seemingly holding the cards in the White House, the House and the Senate, Paul Ryan and the rest of the GOP are salivating, giddy even, over the prospects of destroying Social Security, the only safety net that millions of Americans have. The GOP now will have the ability to severely impair Medicare and Medicaid... and of course, the Affordable Care Act. 

The question is, why? Why do this? Only someone who is blind cannot see that GOP plays slave to corporations, to the banks, to big oil and to we the people, we are remembered only as an afterthought come election season.

So the millions of Americans who previously had no access to adequate health care and then received it with the birth of the ACA, can now expect to be tossed out on their asses. The GOP made it plain from day one, and after 50 some attempts to destroy the program, that insuring millions of Americans was never their concern.

No one denies that the ACA is flawed. During the campaign season, Mrs. Clinton said the same, so did Senator Sanders. They had a plan to implement a fix. The GOP, on the other hand, have no plan... other than screw us all.

The party of small government never quite succeed at that. So many of them forget their roots.

Does anyone even remember that Paul Ryan's education was paid by his father's social security survivor benefits? Can you say "I got mine?"

Hypocrisy much?

Environmental law? The GOP has never met a coal power plant that they didn't like. During the eight years that President Obama has been in office there has been a concerted effort to develop new energy sources. Clean energy. Solar, wind, harness the ocean's waves and currents to generate electricity.

What does the GOP have to say about wind turbines? "They kill birds." Might I ask exactly what does coal dust spread far and wid by the winds do to the environment? And on a much larger scale? Let's not forget that coal dust also affects the health of millions of Americans... animals too.

The GOP has already made it plain that environmental protection laws will no longer fly. They plan to dramatically curtail the power of the EPA. In other words, the GOP is going to open the doors wide open to the oil, gas, natural gas, and coal lobbyists, "They're ba--ack!"

Yeah, Trump promised he was "going to drain the swamp." I guess lobbyists weren't part of that crowd. Special interests are going to rule once again.

You want clean water? Shall we forget that it was Republican Governor Rick Snyder that poisoned thousands of Flint, Michigan residents? And like all good Republicans, he has not faced a single charge... he probably will not either.

Each day we are hearing news of who is being considered for cabinet appointments in the Trump White House and the news gets worse with every passing day.

In the opening years of the President Obama administration, he often reluctantly mentioned the mess he inherited from Dubya's eight years. Ask and Republican and they would admonish the president to stop whining, stop laying the blame at President Bush's feet. 

Never mind that the party of no made up their mind on the day after Obama's election that they would drag their feet on every single thing President Obama suggested. Their plan? To make President Obama a one-term president.

Thankfully, President Obama did not play their game.

Now eight years later, come January, President Obama will be handing over the keys to the White House to a pretender, a con man and a cheat. Trump will inherit an America in dramatically better shape than the one President Obama assumed.

If Americans feel that things have not happened quickly enough, one should remind them that Rome was not rebuilt in a day.

Consider this: 15 million more Americans are now working than at the lows of the great recession our country has known in more than 80 years. 14 million Americans now have health care insurance who did not before. Detroit's auto industry still exists. Have people forgotten in the opening days of Obama's presidency the auto industry was on the verge of collapse.

Countless other wonderful things have happened in the past eight years, yet somehow the GOP masterfully painted a picture of gloom and doom, repeatedly painting a picture of gloom. Remembering that a lie told often must be the truth. 

It boggles the mind... and the heart.

So as we approach the January inauguration, President Obama is going to present the White House to a man undeserving, unprepared and most of all, unfit for highest office of the land.

President Obama is going to hand over a better America with the knowledge the GOP is going to do everything they can to destroy his legacy.

I'd like to think the American people are smarter than this, but then look who they elected two weeks ago and at the time of this writing, resident-elect Trump lost the popular vote by more than 1.3 million Americans. Try as he may to convince us otherwise, Trump received no mandate and the GOP has no right to destroy the good work President Obama accomplished these past eight years. 

So what can we expect from a Trump residency? Tax cuts proportionately larger for the rich. Less environmental regulation. Less regulatory oversight in business affairs. The GOP will try to pass legislation that will allow religious concerns to trump over personal rights and we should expect little help to the average middle class or poor American. Laws benefiting corporate interests with little regard to worker's right.

Remember how the Bush tax cuts to the rich would result in more jobs? Me either? In the waning days of Dubya's second term, malaise had set in the signs were on the wall. Unemployment was beginning to increase. The housing and banking debacle was a dam waiting to burst, and the promise of good jobs never materialized. 

And now the GOP wants us to forget those days. They want to revisit those failed policies. Believe me, change is coming, but not to the middle class--at least not change we can live with.

Get used to it, folks. The new trickle down economics is going to back soon enough and it's not going to be pretty. Mark my words, come mid-term elections in 2018, the American people will realize they have been duped. Hopefully, the GOP will not have destroyed the hard work of the masses.

But then, the GOP believes, if one closely scrutinized their actions, "I got mine (fuck you, now get out!)."

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