Thursday, November 3, 2016

The year of the Cubs. Finally!

For all the years; for all the tears; for all the chances the Cubs had to win in the past; for all the dashed hopes; for all the times we wept (cursed too) for bad plays and lost chances; this year has made it all worthwhile. Finally! After 108 years!

This was truly the Cubs' year! Game by game they won! They won their division. They played and overcame in the playoffs against other powerhouse teams. And still they kept on coming on. Perseverance! Talent! Good coaching! it all came together this year in a perfect storm.

For we Cub fans, this season was one of cheers, fears and finally exhilaration. What a year and what a way to end the season. The Cubs are very deserving of this title. And now I present, the Chicago Cubs, 2016 World Series Champions!

Harry Caray must be smiling, wherever he is!

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