Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The horror

Last night, America as I thought I knew it, died.

It appears the fiasco in Britain earlier this year was a harbinger of today. Who would have thought we could jumped off the cliff with them?

I am sad how I misjudged the American people. I really thought, with all my heart, that intellect would win out. That people's moral outrage about the Donald's immoral behavior would give him a rebuke and send him packing back to his gold-plated towers.

I cannot even bring myself to write the words of who 'Murica elected last night. I just can't. I am hurt, and I feel wounded.

Evidently, America thinks it okay to vote for a President that:

is a misogynist, a sexual predator, anti-American worker, a tax evader, a military evader, an alleged rapist, a bigot, an opportunist of the absolute worst kind. How women could vote for him; how religious folk could vote for him; how any minorities could vote for him is soooooo beyond me. You have fucked us all.

If any of you who know me--claim to care for me, yet voted for Donald Trump, you have wounded me and those like me:

* Trump has said he will appoint judges that will undo the ACA putting in doubt the health of millions of Americans.

* Trump has said he will appoint judges that will repeal marriage equality laws, making millions of gays, lesbians, bisexual and transgender people second class citizens yet again. AND if Trump feels this way about marriage laws, it is by no means a stretch to believe he will not protect us in the workplace as well.

* Trump has said he does not believe in the consequences of global warming and will change the laws that have been strengthened to protect our environment. If you live anywhere near a coal-powered plant, all I can say is, I am sorry. In the end, we all will suffer.

* Trump has said he cut taxes... but you can bet it won't be yours and mine.

* Trump talks of bringing back jobs to America. Why should you believe that knowing his product lines are NOT made here in America?

*Trump has talked about ending the status quo. hahahaha!

Not only will Trump have to prove himself to me as a President worthy of my respect, but those of you who voted for Trump now must prove YOURSELF to be worthy of my respect, my friendship, and my love because, if you voted for Trump, you have proven you do not care for me.

Most sadly of all, this applies to my family as well.

I can list all of the things now endangered by this man's election, but this is hard for me, It is personal. Mark my words, the Donald (nope, I cannot even say president-elect attached to his name) will bring this nation closer to ruin than in any time in our history.

I weep for America. I weep for us all.

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