Thursday, November 3, 2016

Influencing an election?

The past two weeks have become a nightmare for the Clinton campaign as they scramble to do damage control after FBI Director James Comey's little stunt a week ago. His announcement that the FBI has reopened its investigation of Mrs. Clinton's emails is sending ripples across the political scene and his actions have provided the Trump campaign a wedge that it already had without the director's assistance. 

Saying the word "thud" might be an understatement.

What should have been Clinton selling her vision for America has now become a campaign putting her, instead, on the defensive. 

So what is going to happen? Will Mrs. Clinton become President of the United States? I still think so...  but nothing is as certain as I had once hoped. 

Will James Comey survive? I think not. 

I do think the President is going to demand (privately or not) that Comey resign. If not, he will most assuredly be fired. I also believe that the blade will fall shortly after the election. Smartly so, says me. If the President acts before the election, he could definitely tilt an already contentious electorate.

Some are complaining that the President is attempting to influence the election. So?

Now, what some may call "influencing" is what we used to call campaigning (I still do). Campaigning for one's party. Campaigning for one's party candidate. Campaigning for one's colleague. Campaigning for one's friend. AND in President Obama's case, perhaps, he is campaigning for his legacy and campaigning for the party's vision of the future.

If Trump was not such a repugnant person, you can bet your bottom dollar that George Bush, Dick Cheney, and other high ranking GOP members would be out there campaigning for Trump. 

BUT any sensible Republican of conscience has vaguely said they support their party's candidate, but are nowhere to be seen in the same room with Donald Trump. If they really wanted anything to do with the man, don't you think they would be out there on the trail FOR him? But they're not.

Funny, none of them can bring themselves to even say his name. All I have heard from Republicans is, "I support the party's candidate." Not that they support Donald Trump. What the hell does that say to the American people? That they think he is slimy beyond reproach? They'd be right (in my opinion).

Now, about FBI director James Comey.

It is not his place to be trying to influence an election. It is not his place to be issuing generalized vague statements that are little more than innuendo. The Department of the Justice correctly said, "we do not make comments on undergoing investigations." Comey was advised NOT to make any statements about the department's investigation. 

He did so anyway.

IF Mrs. Clinton is found to have broken the law, and she may well have, it is for the Department of Justice to decide how to act AFTER the process is completed. Comey has shown disrespect to his title, to the FBI, Mrs, Clinton, to the President and to the American people by taking it upon himself to paint a picture before it is even complete.

He has shown a bias that is improper--maybe even illegal--for a law official. Point in hand, if he felt it proper to tar and feather Mrs. Clinton with innuendo (or maybe even the facts), why has he not also done the same to Donald Trump, who is also being investigated by the FBI?

Personally, I think what Comey did little better than what Edward Snowden did. Some may disagree with my assessment. So be it.

Whether Comey resigns or is fired, his days are numbered. If Mrs. Clinton is elected, and I still think she will be, she will definitely move to name her own director for the FBI. If Comey survives to the end of the Obama administration's end, I will be immensely surprised.

So again, I ask what is going to happen? Will Mrs. Clinton win the election next Tuesday? Will the Democrats survive this election? Will the Republicans finally come to their senses and start acting for the people (and not their corporate masters)? One thing I think is certain is this:

Comey must go!

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  1. ...there is no way that Comey survives the week after President Clinton is elected..!